Saturday, January 12, 2013

Are you Ready for some Football!

 Corben is playing the big tackle football this year, he is super excited for it, (i am a little nervous). I can't believe he is big enough to play. He is on the team with his 2 cousins, and his uncle and dad are the coaches.

 Brett coaching the varsity team, I love to watch him coach and go to the games!

 All the players after the game, Good win Pine View!!

My cute girls after the game, eating a cupcake they handed out to all the pine view players, fans, and coaches! They love to help clean up the field and grab all the orange markers on the field and put them in the closet.

First Day of School!

 Kesley is at the big intermediate school this year. No more elementary for her. I can't believe she is a sixth grader, I remember when I was in sixth grade, like it wasn't that long ago. Crazy!

 These 2 buddies on their first day of school, Makayla is in 2nd, and Corben is in 3rd. They are growing up fast! Makes me kinda sad!!

Brielle all ready for her first day of Preschool, she is so excited to go to school, like the other kids. I will miss her not being home with me!!

Brett's 30th Birthday!

 Brett turned the big 30, First him and I went and stayed in Vegas for his big 30th. It was nice to go us to for a change (sorry i don't have any pics i forgot my camera). Then on his birthday we all went to chuckramama with Marsha and Russ and their kids and Grandma Elaine and Debra. My kids love it cause they can pick whatever they want to eat, and love making their own ice cream sundaes for dessert.

 We also went bowling for his birthday with the family, and had a blast!

 Having fun bowling!!

 Brielle did pretty good to roll it down by herself.

 We had a party for Brett at our house that night with everyone to celebrate!

 Brett and his mom.

 Blowing out his candles. He wanted the chocolate sheet cake, his favorite!

Opening up all his presents!!

Our Summer Projects!

 We did some summer projects in our house, that we have been wanting to do. Its nice with Brett's he has the summers off (when he isn't doing camps). We added the wainscoating in Brielle's room.

 We did a built in mud room with 4 slots for each kid. So they can hang their backpacks/ jackets, and also put their shoes in the basket. I love it, it helps it stay more organized.

We also did wainscoating in the playroom/movie room. I got daring and did a turquoise color in their too. It was nice to get all these projects done that we wanted to. We are happy how they turned out.

Bobbing for Apricots

 My kids made up a game to do, we had lots of apricots, and the girls were filling up their little pool. So they thought to play a game of "Bobbing for Apricots". They had so much fun, and had kept them busy for awhile!

 Corben had his friend Grant over to play with them.

 My cute little girls and their new sunglasses on!

Steph's Big 40

 We had a party for Steph at my house, both of our husbands were out of town. So we wanted to do something fun. My parents brought over KFC, and we had cheesecake and banana cream pie.

I can't believe my oldest sister is 40. I remember like it was yesterday when she turned 30. Time just flies by!

Our Garden

 This Year we added a couple more grow boxes. It was so fun to have a bigger garden. We all worked together on it, and the kids loved to go out and pick stuff from it.

 Here are our peas, that we all love, Except Brett!



and Summer Squash