Thursday, June 10, 2010

Kesley's Awards!!

I got an email from Kesley's school that said she would be getting some awards in their school assembly. So instead of telling Kesley about it, I wanted to surprise her instead. So I called my parents and told Brett about it, and we all showed up at the assembly. She saw us their and was surprised. She didn't know she was going to get some awards.

Brielle, Makayla, and Corben had fun seeing all the kids at her school and watching Kesley get her awards.

Kesley received 2 awards. The first one was for "First in Math", she got 4th place in the whole school for doing the most math problems. She did 5,300 math problems. The second award she got was she received 80% or higher on her subjects in the end of level testing. She does such an awesome job in school. We are so proud of you Kes!!

I was glad she was looking over at us for a picture. She had a great teacher this year, that she really liked. I can't believe the school year is already over!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Corben and Makayla's Graduation!

Corben had his Kindergarten graduation and sang some cute songs that they have been learning throughout the year. His teacher was Mrs. Anderson; which Corben really liked his teacher!

Makayla and her friends at her preschool graduation.

Makayla and Ms. Katy. Makayla absolutely loved preschool. She went to Katy's Laugh and Learn Preschool and loved it. Katy is an awesome teacher! It was cute to see Makayla in her little graduation hat!

They are all doing some tumbling she taught them.

My parents came to watch her graduation.

She sang all the songs they learned that year in preschool. I can't believe how big she is getting!! Now she is ready for Kindergarten!!!

My Baby is 2!!

I can't believe Brielle is 2!! She is getting so big. I love her little personality. She keeps us all laughing. But when she doesn't know someone she is definitely shy. It makes me kinda sad she is growing up so fast, I wish sometimes they would just stay small!!

We had a little Hawaiian party for Brielle in our backyard. I marinated chicken with the fruit salsa. It was yummy!! We also had some good salads, and of course some cake!

Brielle got lots of fun things for her birthday! Thanks to everyone that celebrated her special day with her.

Brielle wasn't quite sure about blowing out the candles. She doesn't like to have all the attention on her. I made her a strawberry shortcake, because she loves strawberries!!

We are all singing Happy Birthday to Brielle!!