Saturday, June 23, 2012

Memorial Day!

 For Memorial Day I wanted to do something different that we haven't done before. We went with my parents and they showed us where my Great, Great Great, Great Grandpa was buried. I had never seen it before and thought it would be good for the kids to see and know about him. He was a pioneer that came  across the plains and Brigham Young called him to come down and help build/run the cottonmill. So I thought since Memorial Day was on a Monday that we could do that as part of our home evening. We read the history on his life, and what he went through. The kids liked it and were very interested in all of it. It was neat!

He is buried in the St. George Cemetery as one of the first pioneers to be buried there. I was surprised how good his head stone still look for how old it is.

Our Baby Bunnies!

 We have 5 baby bunnies, the kids have had a ball with them, and will be sad when they are all gone. They are all black and white like the dad, some have grey too. But they just love these things, and have done a good job taking care of them. They help feed them with the mom and clean up after them. So they are 7 weeks now and we have 2 left, but we haven't really tried to sell them yet. It has just been to people that said they wanted one. So they have just had fun playing with these last 2 baby ones before they are sold.
 They love their Bunnies!!
 All 5 of them, it is cute to watch them run around. they look like little zhu zhu pets!

 Brielle and her bunny, her bunny got sold. She was a little sad, but there is still others to play with.
They have earned their own money selling the bunnies, and have learned alot raising these little bunnies, that is for sure!

End Of School Sleepovers!!

 On the last day of school, I let the kids all have a friend to sleepover. I thought to start the summer off and celebrate being out of school (and get it out of the way so they wouldn't be bugging me all the time about it).
So Corben picked his cousin/best friend Bridger to sleepover. Makayla had Leany had a sleep over, but just ended up doing a late night cause Leany was scared and wanted to go home (this was makayla's first time with a friend). She always has them with cousins. And Kesley had a late night at Lexie's, then Haley and Madison came over and slept on the tramp with Kes. They had lots of fun!

Mother's Day!

I love mother's day! The kids are just so cute! They want to make my day special for me. They started by making me German Pancakes before church (and our church is at 9:00), yes they got up early for it!! Then they had lots of fun things for me, cute cards, treats, flowers. Brett gave me a movie bucket full of treats and some new work out clothes and under shirts, that I love. It was a great day, and I got to spend it with my family!!

Kesley's Awards!

 I can't believe Kesley is graduating from 5th grade and out of Elementary. She will be in 6th grade, SCARY!! They had an awards assembly the last week of school. She got 5 awards. I am so proud of her. She always tries her best in school and does a great job! Kesley got an award for typing more then 25 words per minute.

 This was an award for reading all 12 books that the teachers had picked out. Their was only a few of them that ended up doing it.

 Grandma and Grandpa, and Brett came to see Kesley get her awards. I was glad they could all come.

 Kesley and her Best friend Madison and their Yearbooks!

 Lots of FUN Friends!

Kesley got 3 awards for her end of level testing. She got it in Math, Science, and Language Arts. She was so glad to get the end of level testing done. She did very well on it!

Makayla's Dance Recital

 Makayla performed at the cotton days in the pavillion with her dance class. She loves dance and even more to perform. She does a great job, and can't wait for next year again!

 She is doing her ballet dance to Beauty and the Beast. She did her tap dance to Hound Dog.

 She does a great job at remembering her whole dance. A few times I have caught her counting in her head the steps, and making sure she gets it just right.

 My cute kiddos! Corben and Brett came over from a football camp, I was glad they could make it!

Makayla, Brielle, and their Grandma Gifford.

My Baby Girl is 4!!

 I can't believe my baby is FOUR! Where has the time gone. She is growing up way to fast. We had a family party for her this year. We had dinner at our house. I made French Dip Sandwiches, and she wanted the famous strawberry/cream cake for her birthday. It was a lot of fun, and she had loved helping me get ready for it! We love you Brielle and are so glad you are a part of our Family!!

She was excited to wear her "Birthday Shirt"!

 She got lots of fun things for her birthday, and played for days with all of the stuff she got. Thanks everyone for the fun gifts!!

 Singing "Happy Birthday" to the Birthday Girl, and blowing out her number 4.