Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Our Thanksgiving!

While everyone was getting dinner ready for Thanksgiving. Gretchen had planned a fun activity in their garage for the kids to do. They made their own gingerbread houses. Everyone all just brought different candies to decorate them with.

All the grandkids decorating their houses. This was perfect for them to keep them busy. They all loved it!

We had Thanksgiving this year at my brother Dave's house. Of course I forgot my camera, so thanks Gretch for the pictures!!

It was nice to have lots of room for our BIG family. We had fun hanging out together and just visiting with each other.

We had lots of yummy food! When you have a big family is you have lots of food from everyone!

Brielle and her cousin Sadie, good little buddies!

The older grandkids seating together for dinner!

Preparing for the Thanksgiving Dinner!!