Monday, January 3, 2011

PV Little League Wrestling

Corben did the little league wrestling again. He absolutely loves wrestling, and couldn't wait for it to start. He had fun wrestling with his cousins. It was nice to have Brett and Russ as their coaches. He did good wrestling and loved getting a medal every week and the tournaments!

Here are the all the little wrestlers at practice, listening to their coach!

Corben with his little buddies!!

Brett coaching the kids at practice!!

Pine View Cheer Clinic

Makayla did the Pine View Cheer Clinic. She was so excited to do it. She always watches the cheerleaders when we go watch Brett coach at the football games, and knows the little cheers they do. So she was excited to be able to perform at half time at the game. She did so good, and I was glad she did it, because she didn't know anyone that was doing it but she did it anyways!! Both her grandma's and grandpa's were there watching her, and her dad was even able to watch her perform after they had come out with the team for half time. It was fun to watch her!

Corben's 7th Birthday!!

I can't believe Corben turned 7!! It seems like he was just born! It is so much fun to have a boy in our family. He takes good care of all of his sisters. He is always so sweet and thoughtful and we are so lucky to have Corben in our Family. We love you buddy!!

He got lots of fun things for his birthday!! Thanks to everyone who made his birthday so special!!

He wanted a football party so I made him a chocolate football cake!!

Daddy lighting the candles,, Make a wish!!!

The Big SEVEN!!

Kesley's Soccer Games

Brielle loved watching all the people and the players at the game. She had fun clapping and cheering her sister on!!

Brielle sitting on Daddy's lap, watching Kesley's soccer game.

The kids did good at the games, they loved sitting on the blanket and bringing snacks to snack on while they watched Kes.

Kesley had fun playing soccer this fall. She has done soccer for a few years now, and has played on the city leagues in the spring. She has loved playing soccer so much she wanted to do a league in the fall. They played all there games at Dixie College.

Kesley's team were pink and black, there names were the "Pink Panther's".
She had fun playing with her team and had a good coach!!