Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Look who Turned 7 !!

We celebratedMakayla's 7 birthday! We had dinner at our house, and had the grandparents there and Marsha and Russ, and Alex. She was so excited for her birthday, and was counting down to her special day!

Makayla with all of her fun presents!

I asked her what kind of cake she wanted for her birthday! She told me she wanted Grandma Elaine's Cherry Cheesecake. So I got the recipe from grandma Elaine and made a few Cherry Cheesecakes. (She makes them every year for all the grandsons for fathers day). So this is a favorite at our house!

Makayla getting ready to blow out her candle!

Eating Dinner!!

Opening Presents!

Great Grandma Terry's Funeral

My Grandma Terry died just a few days before Christmas from Alzheimers Disease. They had the viewing down in St. George, and then the funeral up in Draper where she is from. So Michelle and I, and Kesley decided to go up with my parents. I am so glad I went, it was a really good funeral and so good to see alot of the family I haven't seen in years. I wanted to bring Kesley since she is old enough to remember. I thought it would be a good experience for her. All of us kids were there except Dave and Marsha.

Waiting at the cemetary for the dedication of the burial prayer.

She had a pretty casket, and alot of pretty flowers. At the end they told us we could take some roses off to take home with us to remember. Kesley wanted to bring some home for the other kids since they weren't able to come.

This picture turned out kinda light, but it is me and Kes at the cemetary.

My brother in law Paul putting his flower on the casket!

Steve putting his flower on the casket.

After the Funeral and Luncheon we went by the cemetary because my sister Michelle had never seen grandma and grandpa's headstone before. So as we got there the city guy was there and they had already put the casket in the vault and had buried it. But the guy was very nice and got of his tractor and came and talked to us. We were curious of the whole process because we never really see that side of it. So he sat and talked to us for awhile and answered all of our questions that we had, and even took our picture for us.

He moved the headstone so it was more in the middle of my grandma and grandpa. They had my grandma name on it when they made it for when my grandpa died 30 years ago, then when she died they just add the date of her death on it. It was sad to see my grandma go, but to know she is happy now reunited with her husband, her parents, and brothers and sisters. She doesn't have to suffer that terrible disease. It makes you appreciate the gospel and the plan of salvation. We love you Grandma and Grandpa, Together Again Forever!

Christmas Morning!

AHH!! Christmas morning is so much fun to wake up to. I love seeing the kids faces when they discover what they got. They are just so excited! Kesley for Christmas got an IHome for her Ipod, a volleyball and volleyball net, and ITunes cards. Corben got a new BMX bike that he wanted and a mariokart DS game. We also got for the family a basket hoop for our backyard! It was a Great Christmas!!

For Christmas Brielle and Makayla both wanted American Girl Dolls and they wanted there dad to make them a bed for their dolls. So they pick the bed they wanted from a magazine and showed there dad what they wanted. He did a great job on them, and it means more to them cause there dad made it just for them. I bought the fabric to match there room and my mom sewed all of there bedding for them with little pillows. Brielle wanted the bunk bed. She was so excited and plays with them all the time!

Makayla picked out a daybed for her dad to make her, she even told him she wanted a flower in the back. She thought it was so cool how you just pull out the other bed, or you can push it back in. She loved it!!

Christmas Eve!

For Christmas Eve we went to Dean and Debra'sand had a nice Turkey dinner, and then we had a Christmas program with all the grandkids. Then we went home so all the kids could go to bed so Santa could come.

All the Gifford Grandkids singing Christmas songs.

Terry Family Christmas Party!

We had my family christmas party at my parents clubhouse. Since our family is getting so big, to be able to fit everyone it is just easier to have it there. I brought some games for the grandkids to keep them busy. It was fun to have ALL our family there. Grandma and Grandpa have 24 grandkids!!

The kids all sang " Picture a Christmas". It so fun to see all these cute kids!!

Brad and Breann playing there musical instuments. They did a great job!

We brought our keyboard there so Kesley could play her Christmas songs she has been practicing. She has been taking lessons from her Grandpa Gifford, and really likes it.