Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Snow Days!!

We had 2 times it snowed this winter! We don't get snow that often, but when we do you can count on my kids out their playing in it. We actually had enough to make 2 snowmans. Usually it melts pretty fast, but in some spots we had snow for like a week or two.

This picture is their snowman they built in the front yard, and the picture above is the snowman they built in the backyard.

Corben was a little mad he got a snowball to his head, but Brielle was having a good time!

This was Brielle first time actually playing in the snow. She loved it, and loved putting the carrot in the snowman for the nose.

Having fun in the snow. Enjoying it while it lasts!!

My Little "Smarties"!

At our kids school they do a student of the month for each grade. It is at the first of every month they have an assembly. They call the parents before to let them know their kid is the student of the month. It is fun to surprise them and watch them get an award. They think it's a big deal when you come to watch them. My kids have all got this award, but at different months. It is kind of good cause then they have their own time to shine, and makes it more personal.

Corben got the student of the month in Math.

Kesley also got hers in math too. She loves to play the first in math at home after she gets all her homework done.

Makayla was the first one to get the student of the month. I took her up to the assembly, cause it was in the afternoon and she has morning Kindergarten. She thought she was so big going up in front of the whole school at the assembly.

I am so proud of my kids!! They are so good to come home at the first thing they do is do their homework. Good job Kiddos!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Our Disney Land Trip!

We were lucky enough just as we were walking out to go to California Adventures to get a picture with Minnie and not have a crazy line to wait in.

Kesley and Makayla riding the bugs life bumper cars.

Getting ready to go on Soarin' California. I love that ride. I took the kids, Brett stayed with Brielle cause he gets sick on that ride.

Brielle like the teacups, and how you can sit in a circle and see each other.

On the tea cups, Marsha, Russ, Bridger, and Makayla are behind us in another tea cup. No Brett, this one also makes him sick just looking at them.

All ready to ride the bumper race cars.

This was a must ride for Brielle. She spotted from a mile away. She loves carousel rides.

Makayla just missed being tall enough to go on a ride. So then she wanted to go through Tarzan's Treehouse while everyone was on the other ride.

They liked seeing the cars from the movie "Cars".

We just had to get a picture with "Tow Mater" .

On the Beach in Cali!!

We took the kids on a trip during UEA with Marsha and Russ and Bridger. We stayed at the Hilton on Huntington Beach. It was Beautiful. We just sat on our balcony at night and would watch and listen to the waves. The view was amazing. It was so nice to walk out and go to the beach.

We went and had lunch on the beach. It was so nice to sit and relax, and just watch the kids play. Brielle did a good job of keeping the birds away for us while we ate our lunch.

Our kids had never really played in the ocean before, We had always just got out to look for a bit, but that was it. So they were having the time of their life playing in the waves! The water was a little cold but it didn't even phase them, they were just right on in their. We didn't even put them in their swimming suits cause we thought it would be to cold. They didn't care though!

Align Center
At first it was hard for them to judge the waves and how big they were going to be. I think they were amazed how strong they were and could knock them down.

Corben loved getting buried in the sand. He thought it was cool to have just his head sticking out.

Pretty much the whole time at the beach Makayla was collecting sea shells. She would wait for the waves to come in and then go back and run and get as many as she could before the next wave would come again.

We brought sand toys for Brielle to play with, it was just like a giant sandbox for her. She loved it.

Making footprints in the sand!

I loved just walking in the sand, it feels so good on your feet. Plus it makes them alot softer and get rid of all the dead skin on your feet. Love It!!

Getting ready to walk over to the beach from our Hotel. They had this little cars outside our Hotel so we thought it would be cute to get the kids picture on it.

The kids having fun in the water.

Fun Halloween Food

For an activity for Halloween we made pumpkin pizza' and bone breadsticks. The kids loved to help make them, especially cause they were their very own for them that they could eat!

Kesley's Pumpkin Pizza and Bone Breadstick!

Our Family Halloween Party!

Getting ready to play the donut game. You have to eat it with your mouth and can't use your hands!

My kids love this game, it is fun to watch all the kids try and eat it!

The kids had fun playing a game of red rover. Its nice to have lots of cousins to play the game, it makes it alot more fun.

I was surprised Brielle was actually playing the game. She is so shy!

Even the little girls picked up pretty fast on this game!

All the cute grandkids and even Michelle in their cute costumes!! They are standing in front of a Darling play house Warren made for there girls. So Cute!

Halloween Party 2010