Friday, October 22, 2010

Making cookies with mom!!

One afternoon while the other kids were at school, I asked the girls if they wanted to help me make cookies. They were all for it!! They were good little helpers!

Makayla rolling the dough for snickerdoodles!!

She did a great job, They couldn't wait to eat one!

Labor Day in Pine Valley!

We went to Pine Valley for Labor Day. Marsha and Russ came up, and Dean. It was so fun to go up there and relax. Dean fixed a yummy Dutch Oven Dinner. We got to see alot of deer that came right up to the cabin

The Girls going for a ride on the four wheeler. Brielle was to scared to go with us on it.

Having fun at the cabin, playing games with the kids. It was so nice to be up in the cooler weather, I loved it!

Show me those muscles!! Love my boys!!

Brett and Brielle swinging on the swing. Brielle could swing all day long!!

Makayla, Kesley, and Corben enjoying the hammock.

Brielle had fun at the cabin exploring all different things!

Peach Days!

We went out to the peach days during the labor day weekend. The kids had fun doing the jump houses. They had a bunch there to choose from.

Kesley and Makayla jumping!!

Waiting in line, and eating snow cones!

The kids had fun doing a wood project they each got to choose their own and put it together. Brett did a good job helping each of them with it!

Busy at work, building!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Back to School!

I can't believe it is already time for school to start again. Where did summer go? But it will be nice to get back on a schedule again. It will be weird to have just Brielle at home everyday!

My Cute kids on the first day of school. They were all so excited!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Our Family Reunion in Island Park!

We went up to our family reunion upat Island Park. It was so pretty, and the weather was perfect. It even rained on us a couple nights. I loved being in the cabin and listening to the rain hit the tin roof and the loud thunder up in the mountains. Especially the fresh mountain air. It was so nice to leave the 110' weather here and go up and cool off. It was so much fun to be able to see all my family and visit with them.

Me and Brielle watching the fish swim in the water. She loved it!!

Feeding the fish,birds and ducks at Big Springs.

Dipping our feet in at Big Springs. It is a natural spring, so the water was freezing. It was fun to see who could put their feet in the longest. It felt nice and refreshing!!

Taking off our shoes, to put our feet in the water.

All the cute grandkids together!!

The kids all wanted to ride together to go up to Big Springs and feed the fish.

Brielle, Corben, and I watching the kids going for a ride on the four wheeler.

Everyone hanging outside the cabin enjoying the nice, cool fresh air.

Makayla loved going for a ride on the four wheeler. All the cousins took turns going for a ride with their uncle Dave.

Corben, just hanging out in the hammock.

Inside the cabin, the girls getting dinner ready!

Me and Brett at the Cabin.

Brielle having so much fun playing in the dirt and getting dirty!

The kids had fun on the teeter totter.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

4th of July!!

Me and Brett, 4th of July 2010

During the day we went swimming with all of Brett's best friends and their wife and kids at Jessica Mcallister's parents house in Stone Cliff. We had a BBQ and then swimming all afternoon. It was fun to see everyone and all their cute kids.

That night we went on Staheli Hill with all our friends and watched the little parade they do. Afterwards we had a hoola hoop contest. It was so much fun!! Everyone got a turn to hoola hoop. I haven't hoola hooped since I was a kid. But I got up their and still could do it, even around my neck!! Then once it got dark we watched the fireworks everyone had brought. It was fun seeing everyone!

Here are all the kids waiting in there seats to watch the fireworks with their cousins! Every year we go to Grandma Elaine's and watch them light off the fireworks from the sunbowl. It is a perfect place to watch them cause it is only 2 blocks down from the sunbowl, so you can still hear all the music and entertainment that they do.

Kes and Brielle enjoying the fourth of July with their cousins!

Love These Kids!!

It was so funny one night I was straightening up the house: the kids had gotten their pajamas and getting ready for bed. They all were watching some show that came on t.v. while they were waiting for me to put them to bed. When I came in the room I saw them all laying down together with each other (even Brielle). It was the cutest thing ever. I just had to sneak out and go grab my camera before they moved. I just thought it was the cutest picture ever! It doesn't happen too often!!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Our little Vacation!!

A week after school got out, we went down to Vegas and stayed in a timeshare. The kids had so much fun Swimming. Since it was there first time swimming in awhile. The pools were very nice and had waterfalls they loved to go under. They were the perfect temperature.

Even Brielle loved swimming! For awhile she was kind of afraid of water, but not anymore! She jumped into the pool to me over and over again.

Kesley just adores her little cousin Dax! He is such a happy baby, and is always smiling. She loves to hold him and make him smile at her.

Here they are swimming in the water. They are little fish. Makayla has done so good swimming this year. She swims by herself without her floaties on and just loves to go under water!!

We went to the Bass pro shop. It was amazing. It makes Cabella's look small. They had a huge aquarium with big fish and sting rays in it, then they have mermaids swim down in it every hour. They loved having the fish swim right up to them.

Brielle watching daddy and Kesley doing the shooting range.

Doing the shooting range, we had fun hanging out with my parents down there. The kids loved being with grandma and grandpa. We met up with Marsha and Russ their and went back to the timeshare and swam some more. It was nice to start the summer off with trip down to Vegas!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Kesley's Awards!!

I got an email from Kesley's school that said she would be getting some awards in their school assembly. So instead of telling Kesley about it, I wanted to surprise her instead. So I called my parents and told Brett about it, and we all showed up at the assembly. She saw us their and was surprised. She didn't know she was going to get some awards.

Brielle, Makayla, and Corben had fun seeing all the kids at her school and watching Kesley get her awards.

Kesley received 2 awards. The first one was for "First in Math", she got 4th place in the whole school for doing the most math problems. She did 5,300 math problems. The second award she got was she received 80% or higher on her subjects in the end of level testing. She does such an awesome job in school. We are so proud of you Kes!!

I was glad she was looking over at us for a picture. She had a great teacher this year, that she really liked. I can't believe the school year is already over!!