Saturday, July 2, 2011

Makayla's Dance

This year in dance Makayla was with the 7-9 year old girls. At first I was kind of nervous that she would have a hard time with the older girls. But she did awesome, and loved it just as much!! I was so glad and am so proud of what a great job she did!

This has been my favorite dance. She did 2 dances. One was to the princess and the frog, and the other one was to Snow White.

It was perfect we were right in front of Makayla for her dance. So we could actually see her dance and her expressions. It was so cute!

Makayla looks so little compared to all the older girls. It is so fun to see her progress each year
in her dance, and she can do something that she absolutely LOVES!

Her dance group performed at the Cotton Days. They were so good to wait for their turn to dance. It was so Hot! She loves having every chance she can to perform and do her dance.

Getting ready for her dance!

You can tell they are so HOT! But they just keep on dancing!

End of the Year Programs

At the kids school they had an assembly at the end of the year for the awards for the year and also for the older grades, for their end of level testing scores. Corben and Kesley got an award for not missing any days for the whole year.

Kelsey got an award for their math program "First in Math". She was the fourth highest in her school.

Kesley also got an award for her CRT testing score. She got 100% on her English and Math scores, and she scored 90% or higher on her Science. We were all so proud of Kes, that is very hard to do. Good Job Kes!!

Kesley had her fourth grade program. They studied Utah History this year, so they had a program about Utah, and sang songs about Utah. It was cute!

Can't believe my oldest is done with Fourth Grade and is going into Fifth Grade, CRAZY!

I remember fifth grade like it was yesterday!!

This is Makayla's kindergarten teacher Mrs. Key. She was a great teacher, and Makayla had so much fun in her class, and learned alot. She is all done with kindergarten, 1st Grade here Makayla comes!!

Makayla getting her Kindergarten Diploma!

She also got an award her teacher gave her for being such a great student all year long!

Makayla and all her cute little friends in her Kindergarten class. She had such a fun class, and absolutely LOVED Kindergarten!

They sang some cute songs at their Kindergarten Graduation! Makayla loves to sing, and is always singing around the house.