Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Brielle's 3rd Birthday!

We went out to eat at Chili's for Brielle's birthday. It was a busy day on her birthday so we went to eat before Makayla had dance, and then we had her party with the family and grandma's and grandpa's after dance.

It just happend to work out when we went to Chili's that on that day all the kids ate free. So we just ended up paying for just me and Brett.

Brielle has been so excited for her birthday, and now it is finally here. We had a party for her at our house on her birthday. She couldn't wait to blow out her number 3 candle.

We had an ice cream cake from Cold Stone for her birthday! It was yummy!

We love having our family celebrate with us!

I can't believe my baby is 3! She is growing up way too fast!

She got lots and lots of fun presents for her birthday!

Soccer Season!

Kesley loves soccer she plays it all year long on different leagues. She gets aggressive, and wants to win. Her position she likes playing is forward, and likes to be up by her goal. Her team did a good job of learning to pass it to each other. They took first place for their age group.

Kesley and her team. They had quite a few girls on their team this year. They are all girls she goes to school and who live by us, so it was fun for her to know them.

Corben loves to play full back. He does a great job on defense, he will not let that ball get in the goal. He does a good job of keeping it out of there.

Corben's listening to his coach with his team! I love watching them play and seeing how much they improve every year.

Easter Fun!

Easter time is so much fun! Especially when you get to color easter eggs!!

My kids kept asking me when can we color easter eggs. So we did it for home evening, the Monday before Easter. They had lots of fun. Doing all sorts of different colors.

It was a fun activity for Brielle to help her learn her colors.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Our Spring Break Vacation!

For Spring Break we wanted to take the kids to the beach again. So this time they could actually play in the water and swim. We went to Newport Beach and stayed in a timeshare right there by Newport Beach. It was so beautiful. I loved all the little shops and the town. We went down with Dean and Debra since she was on spring break too. The weather ended up being perfect!

They had a big rock on the beach that the kids liked finding little creatures on.

Brielle with her daddy. She liked the water and especially the waves.

This beach had a playground that the kids had fun playing on. We also saw dolphins jumping out of the water, and seals swimming in the ocean.

Me and Brett at Newport Beach!

We all had fun swimming at their pools at the timeshare. My kids could swim all day. I was glad the weather was warm enough to swim.

Swimming with daddy! They like to play water games with him.

Brielle did good swimming. She is liking the water more and more all the time. She doesn't have to hold on to me like she did last year. She thinks it is pretty neat to float around with her floaties!

Me and Makayla at the pool. It is fun to watch all of them swim.

The girls were having fun exploring all the fun things to do their.

The ocean was just right out our backyard. It was so relaxing to look out and see the ocean and watch the sunset. I loved it!!

The kids and I in front of our timeshare. I loves all their beautiful flowers and how green everything was. I wanted to take it all home and put it in my backyard!!

Grandma Debra and the kids. They had fun looking for snails and catching them. They were all over on the plants.

We stayed at the Marriot Timeshares in Newport. It is way nice, and their is so much for the kids to do their. We had plenty of room, and it was nice cause it was close to everything.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Valentine's Day Dinner!

This year for Valentine's I wanted to do a fun dinner with the kids. Me and Brett went out to dinner the Friday before. So I wanted to do something fun with the whole family. I had a heart mold so we made different kinds of the "Heart" jello. I made strawberry, raspberry, and cherry flavors. This was perfect for Brielle to eat because it wasn't so messy.

We also made "Heart" shaped pizza's.

They all love making their OWN pizza, and putting on their toppings they want.

Makayla with her Valentine's Dinner!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Makayla's 6th Birthday!

For Makayla's Birthday we had two parties for her. We had a family and a friend party. She is so into Zhu Zhu pets, so she wanted a Zhu Zhu party. She picked to have pie for her cake, Banana Cream Pie and Oreo Pie. She was so excited for her Birthday!

These were the little party favors for her little friend Birthday that she helped me make.

And of course we had to make the different colors of the Zhu Zhu pet cupcakes.

All of Makayla's cute little friends playing Zhu Zhu Bingo.

Opening all her fun presents. Birthdays are so much fun!!

Makayla lost her front teeth!

Makayla lost her front teeth. She had lost her two bottom, But then the two top came out at the same time. I was suprised she had already lost them. She just seems so little to be losing all those teeth already. But I love it when they don't have any teeth. Especially the way they talk.

Christmas Eve!

This year we went to Dean and Debra's house for Christmas Eve. It was a little different because in the past we have gone to Grandma and Grandpa Allred's house. We had a yummy Christmas Dinner and then did our own Christmas Program.

We also had a little guest stop by also. The kids were all suprised!

Giving Santa a big hug!

Grandma and Grandpa Allred came by to visit, and see all the kids with Santa.

Grandma Allred does the usual playing the piano, and everyone singing Christmas songs.

Love being together for the Holidays with Family.

Brielle didn't want anything to do with Santa. She didn't want to go near him.

The kids had little bells they would shake as we sang Christmas songs.

Kesley Turns the big 10!!

I can't believe my oldest is 10, Crazy!! Time has just gone by so fast. Kesley is such a great help, and the best babysitter. She is just like a little mom. I think Brielle thinks she is her 2nd mom. She will go to Kes just as much as she comes to me. Happy 10th Birthday Kes!

She got lots of fun things for her Birthday!

Opening all the presents!

For her party I made the Cafe Rio salads/burritos, and for her cake Kesley wanted her favorite "Texas Sheetcake". This picture is Brett typical picture with his eyes closed ALWAYS.

Putting 10 candles on the cake!!

The Birthday girl and her cake!

It's so fun to have family come to her birthday party, and celebrate with us!!