Friday, February 26, 2010

Corben Lost his first Tooth!

Corben lost his very first tooth!! He had it loose for a few days and tried to get it out himself, but thought it was going to hurt. So Grandpa Sam came to our house and Corben showed him his loose tooth. Grandpa is a pro at getting teeth out. Once he got a hold of it, I turned around for a second and it was already out. After he got it out Corben said, "That didn't hurt". I think he thought it was really going to hurt. I can't believe he is already starting to lose his teeth. He is growing up!

Makayla Turns 5!

I can't believe Makayla is 5! She wanted to have a Littliest Pet Shop Party! She picked out the Pet Shop's she wanted on her cake, and of coarse she picked the "Pink" strawberry cake, and wanted blue and pink frosting. She had fun having her family and grandparents at her party!!

I told Makayla she could have a friend party this year. Since she always has had family/cousin parties. So she thought it was so fun to have all her little friends come to her party!!