Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Our Trip to Mountain Green!

We went up to Mountain Green, which is by Morgan, and stayed with my brother Ryan and his wife Jessica. It was so beautiful there. You just walked right outside their backyard and its is the prettiest view, with the hills and the mountains. I loved it!

I did my neice Eden's hair for church. She was so good to sit still for me!

Brielle, Corben, and me getting a picture before we left!

All the cute cousins, getting ready to go for a walk!

The Good Ol County Fair!

We all went to the county fair. After we were done riding all the rides, Dean and Debra brought lunch and we sat in the shade and at it. My kids loved watching the little bears in their cage!

Kesley, Corben, and Bridger wanted to go on the bigger, faster rollercoaster. Makayla and Kaitlyn were to scared and just stuck with the smaller roller coaster, which was just their size!

Diggin for Dinosaur's!

Waiting in line for the Farris Wheel!

So Hot, but too much fun!

Brielle had fun watching all the rides and the people. She got to go on the Merry go round, which she absolutely LOVED!