Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Gingerbread Houses!

For Home Evening we decorated gingerbread houses. They each made their own little house and put whatever candy they wanted on it. It was fun to see there creativity come out!

Makayla and her finished gingerbread house!!

Brielle having a good time decorating her house!

Grandpa's Birthday!

We celebrated grandpa's birthday at our house. I had made a chocolate sheet cake for his birthday! It was fun getting all together!

All the boys, hanging out (except Brett and Russ they were coaching a Wrestling Match)

The Big 11 !

WOW! Kesley is 11, where has the time gone? We took her to Pizza Factory for her birthday so she can get her 11 pizza!!

Marsha and Russ and their family came with us, it was fun celebrating Kesley's birthday with everyone.

We went to our house after and had Strawberry Danish Cake(which is Kesley's favorite), with grandparents and cousins.

She had a fun birthday and got lots of fun things from everyone!

A day at the Park!

We had a day out of school so we thought to take the kids to the park and have a picnic, since it was so nice outside. This is one of there favorite parks to because it has a stream they love to play in and get wet.

Relaxing on the blanket!

Playing in the water!

Picnic at Snow Canyon

We all went up through Snow Canyon on a drive and stopped and had a picnic at the park right there.

It was a perfect day for a picnic, and I love driving through the Canyon, it is beautiful.

All the grandkids had fun playing together, and being able to run around on the big field there.

Fun at the Red Lot!

We all went up to the Red Lot to show the kids all the fun animals they have up there. They have so much fun up there and ask all the time when we can go back. There is just so much for them to do.
Brielle and Dax loved to pet the horse.

We all couldn't stop laughing at Corben. Grandpa Doug told the kids if they could catch a chicken then they could take it home (not really thinking they would dare catch it or they were too fast to catch).
So Corben was determined he was going to catch one and was thinking the whole ride there how he was going to catch one. After he got enough courage to try it, cause the other kids didn't dare touch it. He went in for its legs and grab it and turned it upside down. We were all dying laughing that he actually got it and told makayla to go open the car door to take it home. But their dad wasn't going for it, and didn't want a chicken running around in our car.

He was pretty proud he caught a chicken!!

Chasing the chickens!

Dance Recital!

Makayla our little dancer just loves dance... dance...dance. She had her Christmas Recital, and did very well. I love watching her dance.

She performed at the Dicken's Festival also.

Getting ready to do her ballet dance!

Cute little sisters!!

Grandma and Grandpa Terry, Grandma Gifford, and Grandma Elaine,
Aunt Marsha and lots of cousins all came to watch Makayla perform!

Halloween Dinner!

Before the kids left to go out trick or treating, we made pumpkin pizzas and bone breadsticks, and halloween jello shapes. The kids loved it and has fun doing it!

Halloween Party!

We had a family halloween party at my sister's Michelle's house. The kids all love to play in their big backyard. We had lots of treats and yummy snacks!!

Playing the annual donut game!

Later when it got dark they built a fire and we sat around it. It was lots of fun to all be together!

My Special Day!

Corben was baptized on Oct. 8 by his dad. It was his special day. I can't believe he is old enough to be baptized. He is growing up so fast! After his baptism we had a dinner at our house. It was so neat to have all our friends and family their to share this special day with!

Corben with his mom and dad, getting ready to go get baptized!

Looking Good in their suits!!

I am so proud of Corben and his decision to be baptized. We love you Buddy!!

Corben and his sisters!! Such an exciting day!!

Cheer Clinic!

All 3 of my girls did the Pine View Cheer Clinic this year! It was so cute to watch them. I was even suprised Brielle did it. She didn't even get scared.

Makayla loves to dance and cheer she is always the one that wants to be the first one to do it every year.

Brielle watching her leader. She loved being with all the other kids. She felt so big!!

This picture didn't turn out very good. But it had the panther in it, and my kids all LOVE the panther!!

Corben's Lego Birthday!

Corben turned 8 and wanted a "Lego" friend party. He is so into Legos and loves to build them.

These were the cupcakes for his party with little lego guys on them.

And these are the Lego party favors for all his friends to go home with.

He had 10 of his friends he invited to his party, and played lots of lego games. They especially had fun playing pass the lego with 2 teams, like an relay race. They had to carry it with a spoon acroos the room and couldn't drop it, The team that had the most in their bowl ant the end won!

Corben opening his presents!!

All of his freinds had to do a challenge of who could come up with the most original creation from Legos.

Blowing out his number 8 candle!!