Friday, December 18, 2009

Dancing Ballerina!

We went to Makayla's Christmas recital. This is her third recital, and loves to dance every second she can. She is always asking me, Is it dance today? She can't wait for it! It was fun this last dance session because she had 2 of her friends in there, Lanee and Elle, which made it even more fun for her.

They all looked so cute in there little costumes!

Both of her grandma's and grandpa's came to watch and her Aunt Marsha.

Ready, Set, Wrestle!

Corben did the Little League Wrestling this year, and absolutely loved it. He did awesome! He won all of his matches. I couldn't believe the difference from this year to last year. He has improved so much. I guess it helps when your dad's the coach and can show you moves and are always watching him. It was so fun to watch him wrestle he loved getting all his medals. He thought it was the coolest thing!

Playing at the Park!

Align CenterMy family all got together, even Ryan and Jess came down. We went to lunch, us girls, for my birthday,at 25 Main. Then later, we went and got the rest of the family and kids and just let all of them play together at the park and had Pizza for dinner. It was so fun just to sit around and relax with everyone It was such a fun birthday, spending it with my family!