Thursday, April 15, 2010

Easter Fun!!

Our Easter get together with Brett's Family, we went to the Red Lot. It is on the way to Pine Valley. The kids all love it up there! They have lots of different animals like, horses, cows, dogs, chickens, and pheasants. We did a big Easter egg hunt up there, and ate lunch up there.

Me and Brett enjoying Easter weekend with our Family!

They had a butterfly pinata for the kids to do there.

Brielle was so funny with the pinata. She couldn't figure out why we were hitting the butterfly. She liked it at the end when it broke open with candy!

The kids and there cousin Bridger after they hunted for eggs.

Brielle loved getting the eggs. She was fine with just a couple of eggs. She just wanted to open her eggs and see her candy in them! She didn't care about wanting to find more!

Brett and Brielle seeing the cows and horses!

Springtime at the Park!

During Spring Break we went and had a picnic, and played at the park. The kids had fun and the weather was perfect.

Kesley taking Brielle down the slide. Kesley is such a good big sister!!

Corben and Brielle with there little cousin Dax!

Makayla playing on the play ground. My kids love going to new parks that they haven't been there before!

Kesley flying her kite. She did pretty good at flying it and keeping it up in the air.

This slide was the perfect size for Brielle. She could do it all by herself!

Mommy's Little Helper!

Brielle is such a good helper. Whatever I am doing she wants to be right there helping me. Her favorite is mopping and vacuuming.