Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Our Family Reunion in Island Park!

We went up to our family reunion upat Island Park. It was so pretty, and the weather was perfect. It even rained on us a couple nights. I loved being in the cabin and listening to the rain hit the tin roof and the loud thunder up in the mountains. Especially the fresh mountain air. It was so nice to leave the 110' weather here and go up and cool off. It was so much fun to be able to see all my family and visit with them.

Me and Brielle watching the fish swim in the water. She loved it!!

Feeding the fish,birds and ducks at Big Springs.

Dipping our feet in at Big Springs. It is a natural spring, so the water was freezing. It was fun to see who could put their feet in the longest. It felt nice and refreshing!!

Taking off our shoes, to put our feet in the water.

All the cute grandkids together!!

The kids all wanted to ride together to go up to Big Springs and feed the fish.

Brielle, Corben, and I watching the kids going for a ride on the four wheeler.

Everyone hanging outside the cabin enjoying the nice, cool fresh air.

Makayla loved going for a ride on the four wheeler. All the cousins took turns going for a ride with their uncle Dave.

Corben, just hanging out in the hammock.

Inside the cabin, the girls getting dinner ready!

Me and Brett at the Cabin.

Brielle having so much fun playing in the dirt and getting dirty!

The kids had fun on the teeter totter.